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Needless to say there are variations around the country as to what things should be called. Or at least as to what they are called. This is a small collection of those I have so far picked up, if you know of any more that could be added, please let me know.

For the lagerphone itself :
Bumskediddle - the Higgins Municipal Bush Band in the Riverina - the late Rowan Webb
Dooley stick

For the scraper stick :
The Bow - Rowan Webb again
The Rattler - Bob Bolton
Rattle stick - Bob Bolton
Striker - Bob Bolton
Scraper - Bob Bolton
Stridulator/Strigilator - Bill Worsfield, a Kiwi, cited by Bob Bolton
Lagerstokers - 'down my way' - Bruce Stephens at Monash university
The Raddle - Lou Gowar
The Whacker - Bushwahzee
The Waddy - John Meredith

For the player
Lagerophonist, lagerphonist and lagophonist. I prefer not to take sides on this one apart from floating the thought that perhaps euphony should decide. But I would be willing to publish a popularity poll if anyone wants to tell me their choice. Incidentally Leonie Dettmann in sunny Queensland has suggested 'carton' as a suitable collective. I rather like that.


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