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1. What is a lagerphone ?
2. Origins and history.
3. Design and construction.
4. Examples.
5. Rattlers.
6. Terminology.
7. The Stomper Sticks
8. International
9. World record
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Launch note

I compiled these pages to fill an apparent hiatus. I do not regard myself as particularly qualified to be a lead lagophonist but so far as my surfing could find, no one else had attempted to explain what lagerphones were and what they did. Since I first launched it I have received several responses which have enabled me to expand my offering but I still regard it as only partial. If you have lit on it via a search engine I do advise you to take it with caution. It cannot yet be considered either authoritative or comprehensive. Indeed it is probably no more than a small offering from a large and richly varied subject. If you have come to it from a music link I would much appreciate a message stating your point of view. And particularly so if you could direct me to any sources I may have missed, or supply any material - words or pictures - about lagerphones.

And now something I record with a small whoop of delight - at the  National Folk Festival   last Easter we broke the world record for the number of lagerphones all playing the same thing in the same place at the same time. For three days we had workshops with much hammering, painting and assembling. Then on the Sunday evening a long parade from the arena to the Central Park where we all bounced and scraped and sang Waltzing Matilda (what else ?!) to the playing of the Paverty band.

April 2013

Following the huge success of the world record last year apparently several people were enquiring about another lagerphone workshop this year. Sadly there was none although I would have been delighted if there could have been. Whether there could be in future years will depend on the policy makers on the NFF board and as there are no democratic roots thereunder putting ideas forward is not easy. However if anyone - or everyone - who would like to have one were to put the suggestion either direct to the NFF or via state and territory folk federations it might be hearkened to. If we asked for a contribution towards the cost of materials it could pay for itself.

(July 2017) The possibility has now been floated of trying again next year - 2018 - but sadly the idea may have foundered before it got properly launched.   Apparently it was thought that I could do everything from inception to execution.   That is too much for any one person - especially me at my age (78 :-(= ) - it would need a small team - say three or four.   However if anyone reading this and living in or near Canberra would be willing to help it might still be possible.   If you would be willing send me an email - - and I will see what can be done.

And if you should be in, near, or passing through, Canberra, you would be most welcome to join us in the  Tuesday Night Music Group   either to listen or join in.

Keith Sayers - Canberra - March 2018